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Boku No Pico (My Pico)

(Boku no Piko)
Genre Shotacon, Romance, Hentai
Director Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Studio Natural High
Episodes 1
Released September 7, 2006
Runtime 33 minutes
OVA: Pico to Chico
Director Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Studio Natural High
Episodes 1
Released April 19, 2007
Runtime 38 minutes
OVA: pico~ Boku no Chiisana Natsu Monogatari
Director Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Studio Natural High
Episodes 1
Released November 11, 2007

(ぼくのぴこ?) is a shotacon anime produced by Natural High in Japan in 2006. It was directed by Katsuyoshi Yatabe. Other notable staff members include Ishoku Dougen (character design), Yoshiten (animation character design), Goldenboy (producer), and Katsuhiko Takayama (screenplay). The OVA was released straight to DVD in September 2006 due to explicit sexual content.

It was followed up by a second OVA titled Pico to Chico (Pico and Chico). It was released on April 19, 2007, after being delayed for a month for unknown reasons. Like the previous OVA, it was released straight to DVD and available to adults only due to explicit sexual content. To promote the second OVA, special promotions were held on Valentine's Day, White Day, and Children's Day.

An edited version of the first OVA titled pico~ Boku no Chiisana Natsu Monogatari (pico: My Little Summer Story) was released on November 11, 2007. It is a re-edited version of the animation seen in the Boku no Pico OVA set to a new script, featuring content that is more appropriate for viewers under the age of 18[1].

A limited edition doujinshi simply titled Boku no Pico was released by Ishoku Dougen in February 2007. In addition to the manga, the doujinshi also featured the original character sketches for Pico, Tamotsu, and Ojiisan.

A short manga by Aoi Madoka appeared in the May 2007 issue of Hanaota magazine titled Ame no Hi no Pico to Chico (A Day of Rain for Pico and Chico).

Recently a new character was announced to appear, called CoCo. On January 25th, 2008, a couple of CoCo's character sketches were published at the official website. He appears to be a feminine looking, long-haired boy. He is also taller than Pico.

The promotional video of a third OVA titled Pico X CoCo X Chico is now available for viewing at the official website. This OVA is announced to include twice the content (about 70 minutes).


  • Pico
A blonde adolescent boy who works part-time at his grandfather's bar in the summer. He's often shown swimming, usually naked or in a blue speedo. Despite disliking crossdressing, he wears girls' clothing after when Mokkun suggests it. Later, hurt that Tamotsu wouldn't define their relationship, he rebels by cutting off most of his hair and runs away. The following summer, he spots Chico swimming nude in a stream while cycling. He soon befriends the other boy, who calls him "oniichan" and forms a sexual relationship with him. In his relationships with both Mokkun and Chico, he is the uke, though the latter is somewhat reversible.
  • Tamotsu
Nicknamed "Mokkun" by Pico, he's a young man who sexualizes Pico. Tamotsu is a white collar worker and regular of Bebe[2]. He seduces Pico mistaking him for a young girl, but continues the relationship after realizing Pico's true gender. He later buys Pico a girl's outfit, complete with collar and panties, which he makes Pico wear despite protests. He mostly views Pico solely as a sexual object, though later shows true concern for Pico after he disappears. Although he eventually reconciles his relationship with Pico, he is absent in the second OVA. In his relationship with Pico, he is the seme.
  • Ojiisan
Pico's grandfather runs a large but usually empty bar by the beach named BeBe. When Pico visits him for the summer, he has him help out as waiter whilst wearing a frilly pink apron. He introduces Tamotsu to his grandson Pico and suggests they spend time together.
  • Chico
A brown haired boy who develops a sexual relationship with Pico. He is younger and less sexually experienced than Pico. He often plays outdoors in the nude and secretly watches his older sister masturbate. In most cases, Chico is the seme, despite his age, though his relationship with Pico is somewhat reversible. He lives alone with his sister in a large house in a secluded forest area.
  • Chico's Older Sister
She takes care of Chico. She is tall, with dark-blue hair. After being seen masturbating by the boys through a crack in the ceiling, she is the indirect cause of their experimentation. She has a large collection of fetish outfits and sex toys that Pico and Chico use without her permission. She later masturbates around a corner from the boys when she finds them sexually engaged upon returning from the grocery store.
  • CoCo
A recently announced new character. He appears to be feminine looking, but nothing is known about him yet.


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# of Episodes: 2
Year Released: 2004


From Kitty Media:

Seiji Yamada is a young Shonen manga artist who is a big fan of fellow artist Sono Hanasaki. When the two meet it turns out that Sono is a fan in turn, and it's a match made in heaven for the two young men... almost.

Ueno is an innocent pet-sitter who is hired to take care of what turn out to be a young man on a leash. This encounter leads to a relationship much more serious than either of them had anticipated.


  • Spoken Languages - English
  • Suggested Age Rating - 18+ ADULT
  • Running Time - 60
  • Region - 1
  • NTSC
  • Publisher - MMG
A visual, gay anime experience!

For the first time ever, discover the ultimate gay anime adventure! Parodying popular anime characters and fighting game characters from titles like Rurouni Kenshin and Street Fighter - you'll see them in a way you've never seen them before in Samurai Fantasy!

Please be aware that the animation included on this DVD is fan produced. Some viewers may find Anime Fiction erotic while others may find entertainment in its novelty value. Prospective animators may also find value in examining the production techniques displayed in this video. However, as fan produced animation, this video will not meet the quality standards usually expected of professional, studio produced Japanese animation.


Other Titles: ラブレス
# of Episodes: 12
Year Released: 2005
Opening Theme: "Tsuki no Curse" by Okina Reika
Ending Theme: "Michiyuki" by Kaori Hikita


From animenewsnetwork.com

Twelve-year old Aoyagi Ritsuka is left with his insane mother as his only family when his brother, Seimei, is killed suddenly. After moving to a new school, he meets Agatsuma Soubi, who claims to have known his brother. Ritsuka eventually discovers that Soubi and Seimei used to be a fighting pair, whereby Soubi was the "Fighter" and Seimei was the "Sacrifice". Now that Seimei is gone, Ritsuka has inherited Soubi, who will become his "Fighter". After learning that Seimei was killed by an organisation known as the "Seven Moons", Ritsuka decides to investigate into his brother's death, with the sometimes useless help of Soubi, along the way.


# of Episodes: 1
Year Released: 2003
Ending Theme: "Itsuka Wakareru Kimi e" by REVOLVER
Genre: Romance


The story of Lesson XX has a sweet feel to it. It revolves around two boys, Shizuka and Sakura who are friends at a coed boarding school. One day, Shizuka happens to notice Sakura’s sheer beauty when he dives in to take a hit from a baseball. After some mixed up thoughts of who Sakura likes, Shizuka tells him he wishes to kiss him as a joke. But Sakura doesn’t care; he still insists that the two kiss under the starry sky. After this incident, Shizuka thinks it’s best for the two to be away from each other, so as to sort out their thoughts and real feelings. A classic shounen ai/yaoi, incorporating love, misunderstanding, violence and somewhat angst with a sweet end to it.



Media Reviewed: Digital

Creator: Yasunori Urata, Yasuhito Yamaki
U.S. Licensed: Yes
Released by: Media Blasters
Run time: 45 minutes

BL Content: Very hard (non-consent, sexual situations, uncensored)
Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama

Legend of the Blue Wolves is a sci-fi hard yaoi OAV. Emphasis on hard. It takes place in 2199 A.D. where mankind has overpopulated the Earth and has expanded throughout the solar system. The main planet where the action of the anime takes place is Pluto. Obviously, LBW was made before we found out the saddening truth about Pluto being just a rock, but I digress. On Pluto, man has made a substantial living environment. Unfortunately, they picked the wrong planet to populate because it was not long after that they are attacked by an alien race, called the Apocalypse, that use the human brain to power their weapons (mechas suitable for outer space combat) and for their own energy. So a war between the Apocalypse and the human race has broken out.

Enter Jonathan Tyberius (awesome name by the way), a tall-dark-and-handsome rookie soldier, who joined the military because of his moral upbringing. He is set to room with Leonard Schteinberg, a blonde-haired, blue eyed man; he is the seme to Jonathan's uke. The two did not actually meet on the greatest of terms. But before we meet the male lead characters, we meet their morbidly obese captain who likes to take sexual advantage of his subordinates. After the opening credits we see the captain engaging in sex with one of his henchmen. The deed done, the captain skims through files of new recruits and lustfully eyes Jonathan's, his goal from then on is to bed Jonathan whether he likes is or not.

LBW is the hardest yaoi I have ever watched. This is the first yaoi I've seen where you actually see penises. Perfectly detailed penises. Not only that, but you get to see attempted penetration, masturbation and oral sex all up close and personal. The hotness of the explicit rape and sex scenes are what saved LBW from getting a lower grade.

There was apparently supposed to be a blossoming love between Jonathan and Leonard, but that part of the story falls flat. It's more like Leonard avenges Jonathan's rape and Jonathan rewards him by letting Leonard have his way with him before he got sent out to the front lines of the war as a punishment. But yaoi is yaoi for a reason. I can commend them for giving a bit of background on our two lovers/heroes, though it was brief and did not further the so-called plot at all. But like I said, yaoi is yaoi for a reason. If you like a lot of man-sex with very little plot, you should check this out. I warn you: If you're still uncomfortable with looking at male genitalia, real or otherwise, I suggest you skip this one.